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Creating your first product

A product is necessary to create product outcomes. This can be an actual product that you sell or a service that you offer to your customers. All products that you create, will  show automatically in the questionnaire and you will be able to add the products into the product outcomes. 

1.  To create a product, navigate to the Products section of the portal.

click products button.png

2.  Click the +Create button to start creating your first product. You will see a product template with all the necessary fields to create a product for your leads.

click create button for new produc.png

3.  The first section you will see is the Images section. Images are a required field for creating products so that leads can see an image of the product or service when they are shown the product outcome. To add an image, click on the Upload icon in the images section.

create product add images.png

4.  To upload your own image, either browse and select the image from your device or drag and drop the file to the Upload Image tab of the image upload window. 

add image product.png

5.  Once an image is added, you will see the image displayed with the options to Choose another image or Edit image. If you are happy with the image you chose and don't want to choose another image or edit it, click the Add button at the bottom of the window. The upload window will then be closed, and you will be able to see a preview of the image you added in the images section. A maximum of 5 images can be uploaded for a product and a minimum of 1 image is required.   

add new product image.png

6.  If you want to cancel the process of adding an image, click on the Cancel button at the bottom of the window or click the X icon at the top right to close the window. 

close add image window.png

7.  If you want to choose another image instead of the image you picked, click on the Choose another image button. This will bring you back to the upload window where you can choose an image from your device or drag and drop your chosen image. The image will be displayed with the options again. 

choose another image.png

8.  If you would like to edit the image, click the Edit Image button. 

edit image product.png

9.  You will have the option to edit and crop the image in the main section of the screen. As you crop and change the size of the image in the main section, you will be able to see a preview of what the product image will look like to leads in the Preview section on the right-hand side of the screen.  

edit or crop product image.png

10.  You also have the option of changing the scale of the image container so that the image fits and looks nice on the outcomes page, but to make sure that the image will fit properly, we have locked the maximum Width to be 495px and the maximum Height to be 497px. The aspect ratio can also be locked by selecting the checkbox, so that the ratio between the height and width will remain constant when you are editing.    

scale for new product edit image.png
aspect ratio locked edit image.png

11.  Once you are happy with your image, click the Save button at the top to save the image. You will then be taken to a window with the new image and will have the option to Add the image to the product or Cancel the image.   

save image edits.png
add or cancel image add.png

12.  By default, the order in which you add the images, is the order that they will be shown to leads on their outcome page. To change the order in which they are displayed, click on an image and drag and drop the selected image into the correct order.  

change order of images.png

Once you have the images organised in the correct order in the Images section, this will be the order in which they are shown on the outcomes page.  

13.  To view or remove an image, hover over the image that you want to view or remove. You will then see 2 icons displayed over the image. To view the image, click on the eye or View icon. You will then be able to view the image and have the options to choose another image or edit the image.  

hover over image.png

14.  To delete the image from the product record, click on bin or Delete icon. You will then be asked to confirm this change. Click Remove on the popup message window to remove the image or click Cancel if you don’t want to remove the image. If you confirm the removal of the image, it will be removed from the product images and the order of the images will update to reflect this.  

delete image from hover button.png
remove image from hover icon.png

15.  If you would like to show leads a video of the product/service in the outcomes, you can add the URL to a video in the Video section under the images. The video URL will be shown as a call-to-action button in the outcomes if you have added in the URL in the product record and enabled the Video call to action. If the call to action isn't added in the and enabled in the outcomes, leads will not be able to view the video. Similarly, the Video button will only be shown if a valid URL has been added to the product record.

create product add video link.png
enable video in outcomes.png

16.  A product name is required so that leads will know what product is being recommended to them in the outcomes. It can be added into the Name field in the Product Information section. Product names can be the same for different products.  

create product add product name.png

17.  A product code is also required to keep track of the products and so that the correct product is shown to leads in the outcomes. Product codes are unique and cannot be the same for different products. This can be added into the Code field.  

create product add product code.png

18.  We also require the classification of a product to be filled in when creating a product as they are useful to separate and categorise your products/services. You will be able to select the classification from the dropdown list in the Classification section. By default, we have provided an ‘Other’ classification. You can add more classifications in the Settings section.  

product classification.png

19.  You can add in price and price ranges to your product so that leads can get an understanding of how much they may have to spend for the product/service, however, these are not necessary fields so you do not have to fill them in to create the product.  By default, the currency shown throughout your client admin and on the outcome pages will be the Euro. This can be changed in the Settings tab. The price field refers to the overall or static price of the product. This should be the base or unit price that you charge for your product or service.

create product add price.png
static price .png

20.  The monthly price field refers to the monthly price for the product or service. 

create product add monthly price.png
monthly range.png

21.  If both the Price and Monthly price fields have been populated, both prices will be shown to leads in the outcomes so that they can have a better understanding of the pricing.

monthly and static price.png

22.  If you would like to show a range of prices instead of showing just one price for a product, you can give a price range for your product. This allows leads to understand the range and budget needed to proceed to the next steps. The Min and Max fields refer to an overall or static price range.

create product price range.png
price range outcome.png

23.  The Monthly Min and Max fields shows the monthly price ranges.

monthly max and min fields .png
monthly price range.png

24.  If both the static price range fields and the monthly price range fields are filled in, both price ranges will be shown to leads. However, if you have filled in the Static or Monthly Price field and either of the price range fields, then only the price ranges will be shown to the leads on the outcomes.

max and min prices month and static.png

25.  The next section is the Highlights and they are used to highlight the features of the product in a quick and easy manner to the lead. Highlights are shown as bullet points next to the product image in the outcomes, so it is better to have short and concise points that attract leads.

product highlights .png
product highlights outcomes.png

26.  By default, we have provided four text fields to enter in the highlights. You can add more highlights by clicking the +Add Another button at the bottom of the section to add more fields. 

add a new product highlight.png

27.  To remove a field, click the X icon next to each highlight text field to remove it. 

remove product highlight.png

28.  By default, the order of the highlights will be shown in the order that you added them in. To change the order, hover over the individual text field until the hand-grab icon appears. Once the icon appears, click and drag the field to the new position. You can drag and drop all the highlight text fields until they are in the correct order.

re order product highlights.png

29.  The final section of the product record is the Additional Information section. Any text input in this section will show as an additional page. This section is useful if you want to add in a longer description of the product or service that you are offering. 

create product details page.png

30.  This additional page will only be shown if the View More call to action button has been added and enabled in the outcomes

enable view details page.png
view details page.png

31.  After you have filled in all the necessary fields in the product record, click the Create button at the top or bottom of the product record. This will create the product and you will see a success message at the top of the screen to let you know that the product has been created and that the changes have been saved.

create product create button.png
create product button.png

32.  Any changes you have made to the product after creating it can also be saved by clicking the Save button at the top or bottom of the product record. You will again see a success message at the top of the screen to confirm that the changes have been saved. 

save product changes.png

33.  You can also save and create a new product by clicking on the horizontal ellipses button at the top of the product record and choosing the Save and Create option. This will save the current product and open a new product record page so that you can create another.

product horizontal ellipses.png
save and create new product.png

34.  To duplicate or delete a product, you will need to navigate to the main products list view. To do so, either click on the Back button on the top navigation of the product record you are currently on or click on the Products icon and heading on the side navigation bar. Here, you will see all the products you have created, along with various information about the product. 

back to products .png

35.  To delete one specific product, click the vertical ellipses under the Actions of the product record. You will see a list of four actions that you can do on that product. Select the Delete Product option. A popup warning message will be shown to you to confirm the product deletion.  If you click Yes, delete the product will be deleted. If Cancel is chosen, the product will not be deleted and will remain in the list view.  

delete product dropdown.png

36.  To delete multiple products, select them by clicking on the checkbox next to the code of the product or select all the products in the view by checking the checkbox on the list view header next to the Code heading. You can then click the Delete button to delete all the selected products. Again, you will be asked for confirmation and based on the answer you select, the corresponding action will occur.   

delete product button.png

Products that are being used in product outcomes in a questionnaire will not be available for deletion. If you try to delete a product that is being used in a questionnaire outcome, you will be shown a popup warning message to show why the product cannot be deleted. To delete this product, you will need to remove the product from the relevant product outcome first. 

37.  To duplicate a product, click the vertical ellipses under the Actions of the product and select the Duplicate Product option. The entire product, along with the images, code, name, prices, highlights, classification and additional information will be duplicated and will appear in the list view. 

duplicate product.png
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