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Adding a product outcome

1.  Product outcome allows you to show a product or service to the lead after they have completed the questionnaire. To add a product outcome, you must first create a product.

product outcome.png
click product custom outcome .png

2.  You will be able to add an Outcome Title. This is the main header text that will show at the top of the products outcome page.

product outcome title.png

3.  Underneath this, you will be able to add in the Recommended Products. These are the main products that you want to recommend to your leads. The input of the Recommend Title field shows as a small banner on the products added to the Recommended section so that leads can know that they are the brands recommended products. 

product outcome recommended title.png

4.  Next, you can add in the products for the Recommended section by clicking the +Add Products button underneath the Recommended Title field. You will see a popup window with all the products that you have created. 

product outcome add product.png

5.  To add a product to the section, click on the product you want to add in. The product will then be added to the view under the button.

product outcome click produc.png
product added to product outome.png

6.  You can delete the product from the outcomes by clicking the delete icon and confirming it. This will only remove the product from the outcomes but won't delete the product from your portal. 

delete product from product outcoem.png

7.  You can search for a specific product so that it's easier to add it by clicking on the search bar at the top of the products list. You can search by either product code or name. You can also add in multiple products to the recommended section. The order in which you add the products is also the order in which they will show to leads so be sure to add the products in the order that you want the leads to see them.  

product outcome using search bar.png

8.  The next section is the Related Products section. These are extra products that can be added in to show different options to leads like addon services or other similar products. Similar to the Recommended Products section, you can add in a Related Title. This will show as a sub heading for the related products section and will help to separate the recommended and related sections.

product outcome related title .png

9.  Products can be added to the related section in the same manner as adding products to the Recommended section.

product outcome add related porducts.png

10.  The final section in the Product outcome is the Call to Actions buttons to the product page. In the product outcome, 5 types of call to actions are available - URL, Email, Phone, View Details and Video. 

product outcome call to actions.png

11.  The View Details call to action is best used when you want to show additional information about a product. If the 'Additional Information' section of the product record has been populated, it can only be shown to leads if the View Details call to action is enable. If View Details is selected and enabled, two additional call to actions will be available. 

product outcome view details page.png
Adding Outcome Anchor
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