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Landscaping Industry

Double your inbound leads and increase sales with no additional marketing spend.

Pipelyne for the

Our Lead Generation software is made specifically for Landscaping businesses


Double inbound conversions

Convert your web vistors into red hot leads by engaging them along the journey

Route Leads based on responses & priority

Automatically qualify and route leads based on customer responses. Low priority leads can be routed to marketing automation, while high priority leads can automatically book time with a sales rep.


Designed for landscaping businesses, not IT teams

We designed our platform to be used by anyone, regardless of their comfort with technology. Simply create your questionnaire flow, embed on your website and start generating more leads instantly.


Increase Inbound

Leads by



Decrease Cost

per Lead by



Increase Inbound Scheduled Calls by



Create today.
Start doubling inbound leads tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Pipelyne grow my Landscaping business?

Pipelyne replaces the contact form on your current website with a high converting form. Thanks to the engaging nature of our form, our clients see an average increase in leads of 220%. These leads can then be prioritized and routed to maximise sales. 

How do I implement Pipelyne?

Book a demo with our customer success team to get started with your free trial. Once signed up to a free trial, our customer success team will work with you to understand your requirements. Our design team will transform these requirements into your unique questionnaire that will perfectly complement your brand and business. This is all part of our service once you sign up for your free trial. 

Do I need to change my marketing strategy?

No, you can maintain the same ad campaigns and marketing budget. However, it is recommended that you are already using digital ads (Facebook, Google etc.) to get the maximum value from Pipelyne. 

Does Pipelyne integrate with our existing technology?

Yes, we integrate with CRM’s and field service software through Zapier. This means any new leads can be automatically uploaded into your system. Alternatively, we can send you an automated email every time a new lead is created. 

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