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Updating the currency

1.  With your Pipelyne client portal, you have the option of configuring some basic settings that will be applied within the client admin. These settings include configuring the currency as well as the serviceable locations, among other settings. To configure these settings, navigate to the Settings section of the client admin. 

click settings button.png

2.  The first section of the Settings is the General settings where you can configure the currency. The selected currency will be shown in the products and questionnaire section within the client admin and in the outcomes section of the customer facing questionnaire.  

updating currency.png

3.  By default, the currency will be set to Euro €. This can be changed by clicking the Currency dropdown and selecting the new currency.

changing currency.png

4.  Once selected, click the Save button to save the currency selection. Changes must be saved to become active.  

save currency change.png
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