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Universal Google Analytics

In the Analytics tab of the questionnaire settings you will see a Google Tag Manager field which can be used for Google Analytics Tracking for leads and conversions.

1.  To set up Conversion Tracking for Pipelyne leads you will need to create a trigger in Google Tag Manager. First open the Google Tag Manager Dashboard and navigate to the "Triggers" tab and click the "New" button. 

gtm triggers.png

2.  Next edit the configuration and select "Custom Event". 

custom event gtm.png

3.  You will need to enter an event name - "new_lead" (raised when form is submitted) and also give the Trigger a name e.g  - "Pipelyne Form Submission" and then click save. 

4.  To create a Tag in Google Tag Manager navigate to the Tags tab and click the "New" button. 

gtm new tags.png

5.  Select the Tag Configuration tab and the tag type to choose is "Google Analytics: Universal Analytics". 

tag type gtm.png

6.  Click the Track Type and select "Event". Use a custom id for each of the following Category, Action and Label and then name your tag e.g - "Pipelyne Form Submission". 

gtm name labels.png

7.  Next you will need to click the checkbox to Enable overriding settings in the tag and enter your Google Analytics UA-ID. 

enable overriding gtm.png

8.  Scroll down to the Triggering section of the form and choose the trigger you created in the earlier step. 

choose trigger gtm.png

9.  Once the trigger is selected, the next step is to save and publish. 

save and publish gtm.png

10. Next you will need to create a new Goal in Google Analytics. To do this open the Google Analytics Dashboard and click the Admin tab. Next click the Goals tab and click the "New Goal" button. 

goals gtm.png

11.  In the goal set up section you will need to select "Custom" and continue. You will then need to name your goal  ("Pipelyne Form Submission") and choose the goal type as "Event". Next you will need to enter the goal details. The fields Category, Action and Label will all need to be exactly the same as what you entered in the Tag configuration. Then select "Verify Goal" and this will show as 0% and click save. 

save goal.png

You will need to allow about 30 minutes and test in Real-Time -> Conversions to ensure the tracking is set up. 

gtm name triggered.png
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