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Publishing the Questionnaire

1.  Once you are happy with your questionnaire flow, and you are ready to go live with the questionnaire, click the Publish button on the top navigation. 

click publish button.png

2.  Once you click the button, you will see a modal window with two links - Public Link and Embeded Code.

publishing 2 links.png

3.  The Public Link is useful if you want leads to click a button or link on your website and be led to the questionnaire from there. You can easily embed the URL code behind a button on your website. The public link is also useful if you want to send the link directly to leads or share the link on social media and other websites. You can easily copy the link by clicking the Copy button next to it.

copy publish link .png

4.  The Embed Code allows you to embed the questionnaire directly onto a page on your website as an iframe. This is useful if you don't want leads to leave your website and want them to stay in your own website. The embed code can be easily copied by clicking on the Copy button next to it.  

publish embed code.png

5.  If you want to change the embed code settings, click on the Change Embed Settings link at the bottom of the window. 

change embed settings.png
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