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Duplicating and deleting your questionnaire

1.  To duplicate or delete a questionnaire, you will need  to navigate to the main questionnaires list view. To do so, either click on the Back button on the top navigation of the questionnaire you are currently on or click the Questionnaires icon and heading on the side navigation bar. Here, you will see all the questionnaires you have created, along with various information about the questionnaire.

click back on the questionnaire.png
click questionnaires tab.png

2.  To delete one specific questionnaire, click the vertical ellipses under the Actions of the questionnaire. You will see a list of four actions that you can do on that questionnaire.

click vertical ellipse questionnaire.png

3.  Select the Delete Questionnaire option. A popup warning message will be shown to you to confirm the questionnaire deletion.

delete questionniare .png

4.  If you click Yes, Delete the questionnaire will be deleted. If Cancel is chosen, the questionnaire will not be deleted and will remain in the list view.

delete questionnaire.png

5.  To delete multiple questionnaires, select them by clicking on the checkbox next to the name of the questionnaire or select all the questionnaires in the view by checking the checkbox on the list view header next to the Title heading.

delete multiple questionnaires.png

6.  You can then click the Delete button to delete all the selected questionnaires. Again, you will be asked for confirmation and based on the answer you select, the corresponding action will occur.

delete button for multiple questionnaires.png

7.  To duplicate a questionnaire, click the vertical ellipses under the Actions of the questionnaire and select the Duplicate Questionnaire option. The entire questionnaire, along with the questions, flow, outcomes and settings will be duplicated and will appear in the list view.  

duplicate questionnaires.png
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