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Uploaded images and Pipelyne library

1.  In the image upload window, you will see a tab titled Uploaded Images. Here, you will find a copy of all the images that you have uploaded into your portal so that you can reuse them without having to reupload the same image. 

uploaded images tab.png

2.  You can also upload images directly into this section by clicking on the Import Image button. You will be able to select the image file from your device and it will be saved directly to this section of the upload window without being added to a picture choice answer. 

import image button.png

3.  If you want to edit an image before adding it to the answer, hover over the image you want to add. Click on the eye or View icon.

hover over image .png

4.  You will then be able to view the image and have the options to choose another image or edit the image.  

edit uploaded image.png

5.  If you want to delete an image from your Uploaded Images tab, hover over the image you want to remove. To delete the image, click on bin or Delete icon. You will then see a banner message at the top of the upload window to confirm that the image has been deleted from your Uploaded Images tab.   

delete icon .png
delete banner .png

If you remove a Pipelyne Library icon from your Uploaded Images tab, it will only be removed from here and will not be removed from the Pipelyne Library.  

6.  The third tab in the image upload window is the Pipelyne Library. Within the Pipelyne Library, you will find icons for different industries that have been uploaded by us. 

pipelyne library tab.png

7.  If you find an icon suitable for your question, you can add the icon by hovering over it and clicking the Add icon that will appear in the top right of the image.

pipleyne library add icon.png

8.  If added, the upload window will close, and you will be able to see the image added to the picture choice answer.

pipleyne library icon added.png

9.  A copy of the Pipelyne Library icon will also be added to your Uploaded Images tab so that you can easily add the icon from there to other questions as well.

preview of icon added to uploaded images.png

10.  By default, the icon colours are black but can be changed by going to the Designer section of the questionnaire and changing the colour of the Library Icon field.

library icon design.png
library icon changed.png
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