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Uploading images to the picture choice questions

1. To add in icons or images to picture choice images, click the image box next to the answer text box. You can add in an image or icon for each answer so that leads can see a corresponding image for each option.

click image icon .png

2.  To upload your own images, either browse and select the image from your device or drag and drop the file to the Upload Image tab of the image upload window.

browse to upload image.png

3.  Once an image is added, you will see the image displayed with the options to Choose another image or Edit Image.  

preview of image.png

4.  If you want to cancel the process of adding an image, click on the Cancel button at the bottom of the window or click the X icon at the top to close the window. 

cancel adding image.png

5.  If you are happy with the image you chose and don’t want to choose another image or edit it, click the Add button at the bottom of the window. The upload window will then be closed and you will be able to see a preview of the image you added in the images section.  

save picture choice q image.png

6.  The image you upload will be automatically added to the corresponding answer and you will be able to preview the image in the image box. 

upload image preview.png

7.  The image will also be saved to the Uploaded Images tab of the image upload window. This allows the image to be reused for other answers. You can also import images straight to this section by clicking on the Import image button.

saved image and import image.png
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