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Editing images for picture choice questions

1.  To edit an image before adding it to a picture choice answer, click the Edit Image button.  

edit image for picture choice.png

2.  You will have the option to edit and crop the image in the main section of the screen. As you crop and change the size of the image in the main section, you will be able to see a preview of what the product image will look like to leads in the Preview section on the right-hand side of the screen. 

editing preview .png

3.  To make sure that the image will fit properly within the picture choice questions, we have locked the maximum Width and Height to be 500px. The aspect ratio is also locked so that the images maintain their uniformity.   

ratio scale lock .png

4.  Once you are happy with your image, click the Save button at the top to save the image. You will then be taken to a window with the new image and will have the option to Add the image to the product or Cancel the image.   

save edited image.png
save or cancel new image.png
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