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Location settings

1.  Click the settings tab

click settings button.png

2.  Click the Locations tab

click locations button.png

3.  Click the Add button to create a location area.

click the add new location button.png

4.  Name the location.

name new location.png

5.  Search for an address.

search address for location.png

6.  Click the pencil icon to map out the area you want to choose.

add location.png

7.  Click the create or cancel button.

create or cancel new location.png

8.  Click the vertical ellipses, you have the option to view the location, edit the location or to delete the location.

vertical ellipses on location.png
drop down list on vertical ellipses.png

9.  Click checkbox and click the delete button to delete a location

delete a location.png
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