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1.  Navigate to the Settings section of the portal. 

click settings button.png

2.  Click into the App & Integrations section of the general settings, you will see the option to integrate your Pipelyne Portal with Zapier. This is a great tool that will allow you to connect your current systems to the Pipelyne Portal.

click app+integrations button.png

3.  To get started, click on the Zapier tile. Once clicked, you will be redirected to the Zapier dashboard where you can select which platforms you want to connect with your Pipelyne Portal.

click zapier.png

4.  Once you have selected the platform you want to connect to, you will then be asked to select the trigger (New Lead) from your Pipelyne Portal and the corresponding action in your connected platform. In the ribbon shown to you below, click “Try it” where you will be brought to the integration builder.

welcome to zapier.png

5.  In the integration builder, you will be asked to select your account or connect your account if you have not done so already, for the Pipelyne portal. You will be asked to log into your Pipelyne account for authorisation purposes, where you will grant Zapier access to your Pipelyne platform.

zapier account.png

6.  Next, you will be asked to set up a trigger for your workflow to begin, which will involve choosing your company and the questionnaire that your new leads would have completed. You will have the option to run your Zap on an individual questionnaire or all questionnaires that you have created in your Pipelyne platform.

trigger zapier.png

7.  Once you have selected the company and questionnaire, you will be able to test the trigger to ensure the connection between Zapier and your Pipelyne account is operating. If the test is successful, you will be able to see leads from your Pipelyne account appear in the results. If you do not have any leads showing here, you may need to submit a test lead on your chosen questionnaire.

test trigger.png

8.  When you have found a lead from your Pipelyne account, you will be able to choose which app you want to integrate with if you have not already done so.  After choosing your desired platform to integrate with, choose which action you want to be completed when you receive a new lead from your questionnaire(s).

choose app mail chimp.png

9.  Again, Zapier will ask you to log into your connected platform’s account where you will grant Zapier access to your app.

sign up to account.png

10.  Depending on the action you have chosen in your desired app, the input fields will vary. You can configure the action to meet your needs and may even have the option to add dynamic content from your questionnaire into the available fields.

zap int 1.png
zap int 2.png

11.  Once you are happy with the action, you will be asked to test the integration. This will perform the action you have created which will allow you to see the results immediately. Once the test is successful, activate your Zap to start integrating your leads with your connected platform. 

test and contnue.png
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