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Editing the answers in your questions

1.  We recommend starting with a Picture choice question as it is simple and straightforward for leads. By clicking on the question type, the question node will be added to the build screen and the editor will also open automatically so that you can start editing the question.

click picture choice q type.png

2.  You can change the question type by clicking on the Question type dropdown in the Question Details section of the editor. The chosen question type and its associated will show in the editor if the type is changed.

change question type in question details.png

3.  Next, you can enter in the question text into the Question text textbox. This is the question that you want to ask your leads.

enter a question .png

4.  By default, two answer fields are added to a question in the Answer section for picture and multiple-choice questions. You can add more answer fields by clicking on the +Add Answer button.

add answer button.png

5.  Add the answer text into the text boxes available so that leads can choose the appropriate answer.

type answers into answer box.png
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