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Creating your first questionnaire

1.  Log into your account and navigate to the Questionnaire section of your portal.

Click questionnaires button.png

2.  Click the +Create button to start building your questionnaire.

click create button.png

3.  Once the build is opened, you can name your questionnaire by clicking on the edit icon next to the Title. Enter the questionnaire name – this is typically your company name so that leads can easily recognise the questionnaire. Once you have set the name, click the Tick icon that appears next to it, to save the new name.

edit questionnaire title.png
click tick to change questionnaire name.png

4.  To start building, click the +Add Question button to choose your first question. A dropdown menu will appear, where you can choose the question type you want.

click add question button.png

5.  To start off, select the question type that you think will be the most suitable for the first question.

question types dropdown menu.png
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