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Paying for Pipelyne services

1.  With your Pipelyne client portal, you have the option of configuring some basic settings that will be applied within the client admin. These settings include configuring the currency as well as the serviceable locations, among other settings. To configure these settings, navigate to the Settings section of the client admin. 

click settings button.png

2.  When you sign up for Pipelyne, you will receive a 30-day free trial where you can use the admin portal to create your questionnaire and publish it to your website. During the trial period, you will be able to use all the services that is offered by Pipelyne. If you want to continue using your Pipelyne account and all the features after the trial period, you will need to pay for the service. To pay, navigate to the Billing section.  

click billing button.png

3.  Here, you will see a blue banner at the top of the section which will show how many days you have left in your trial period. If your trial has expired, you will be notified of this in the banner and the client admin will be locked on the Billing page.  

days left on trial.png

4.  Below this, we have 2 billing options for you to choose from. You can switch between the annual or monthly billing options by clicking on the toggle button to choose your preferred option. As you switch between the two options, you will be able to see the information relating to both packages. 

monthly or annually pay.png

5.  Once you have chosen your preferred billing option, click the Set Up Payment button.

click set up payment.png

6.  You will be redirected to a Stripe checkout where you can enter the relevant details and finalise your payment. Once you have paid, you will be brought back to the client admin Billing section where you will see your next billing date and the option to Change/Update Billing Details.

stripe payment.png
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